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Introducing Wireless Charging Without The Case; WiQiQi

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 With No Comments »


Want wireless charging on your Samsung Galaxy III, IV or Note II but don’t want the bulk of adding a cover to your device? Introducing the WiQiQi Wireless Charger from Monster Watts. This little Qi-based wireless charging kit slides under the existing cases of the aforementioned devices allowing you to use a wireless charging station without changing the design of the device or having any compatibility issues with other accessories.

Monster Watts says that kits for the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Note II should be available as quickly as the middle of this month and the GS4 unit should be available around early June. Early pricing for the receiver-charger unit starts at $45 (regular $78) for the existing devices and $88 for the GS4 unit. While the perfect solution would be for wireless charging to be built into devices this provides the most elegant option I have seen to date for wireless charging capabilities.

For $45 this has my interest, any of you think you may pick this unit up for your current device or future GS4?


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