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iOS 7 vs. Android 4.2: Mobile OS Comparison

Posted In Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Apple iOS 7 is a fundamentally redesigned operating system. The comparison with the current Android version shows that features and differences are often not so great.

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Android has been the dominant operating system in the growing smartphone market – Apple is still the number #2 even if the manufacturers continue enters fattest profits, a fundamental change was needed. The new iOS chief designer Jony Ive clears out the dusty operating system rigorously. Version 7 is airy, flat, colorful.

iOS 7 now has a control center, you switch on the wiper about a finger into airplane mode, the phone or mutes the music takes over control – with Android, there are the years.

Even with flat design, browsers, Live and 3D backgrounds and the auto-update of apps , there are parallels to the competition – with the Apple elements always wear Ives design stamp. In the overview, you can see the comparison iOS 7 vs. Android.

The new multitasking is a familiar, but learns the iPhone, which (frequently used) apps and give it preference memory which can close it. The Message Center can also be reached from the lock screen and Siri has learned something new.

Tracking and remote wipe for Android there as well, but Apple secures the function via Apple ID associated with the password of the owner. With “AirDrop” transfer photos and other files from one iOS device to another. Receiver in the vicinity can choose effortlessly. This is reminiscent of Android Beam, which uses NFC for easy coupling.

 Who copied who? The answer is easy: Each copy each but argue about rounded corners and wiping movements, users benefit from good adaptations – to the function via update disappears because it has a dish like this.

After all, giving the participants effort to disguise the inspiration by the competition from your own handwriting – for example embarrassed by wiping movements or the arrangement of elements from left to right or top to bottom. Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive and have made ​​it with iOS 7, all functions impose their own stamp.

And even one or the other Android fan must admit secretly that iOS 7 in direct comparison often looks chic. The art of reduction one may therefore be described as successful. As for the smartphone features, the differences at the end are not so great. It’s not about the what, but the how and when you can use Apple concede an advantage. For this, an Android user has more freedom.

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