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iOS 8 is about 80% of the devices, but still not enough

Posted In News - By AndroidNews on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 With No Comments »

Two weeks have passed, and as is customary Apple has updated the figures adoption of its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, which follows slowly even winding down, but this could change during this newly released April .
iOS 8 has reached 78% of the devices, ie only one percentage point after two weeks and three more than a month where it stood at 75% adoption makes points. Of course Apple is limited to displaying the numbers but does not comment on it, so you have to read between the lines on their decisions during March and what we expect in April.
One of those decisions which caused controversy was to stop signing iOS 8.1.3 version earlier than we have today officially, 8.2. And with this measure requires that all those that restore your device compulsorily install the latest operating.
Ios 8 Adoption Rate 20,150,331
Another important point is that those who want to use the Apple Watch it goes on sale in the coming days, must have iOS 8.2 on their iPhones. Another measure that will make many have to migrate to the latest version of the operating if they want to use your new Apple Watch.
The reality is that Apple has tried more and more users upgrade to iOS 8, but we all know the problems created alert and many have so far decided not to upgrade. Other factors that may work and make the word out is the opening of public betas of iOS 8.3 and have received good reviews despite being in beta, the final version is expected to be launched in April.
These measures Apple hopes to break the barrier of 80% adoption at the end of April. We’ll see if they succeed

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