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Jabra Solemate Max fills out the portable Bluetooth speaker family

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

Jabra has had the original Solemate portable Bluetooth speaker and back in early-September they unveiled the Solemate Mini. Filing out the family lineup, Jabra has announced the Solemate Max. This one is (obviously) bigger in size as compared to the Solemate and Solemate Mini, and otherwise sports a pair of woofers and pair of tweeters.


Jabra has yet to reveal any pricing for the Solemate Max, however we know the original model is currently selling for $199.99. The Solemate Mini, which is coming available during Q4 will arrive with a $99 price point. Jabra has said the Solemate Max will be available during the fourth quarter and that it will be available by way of Amazon and Dell.

The Solemate and Solemate Mini are both shown in a variety of colors, but for now the Solemate Max listing on the Jabra website has just one color listed — gray. Aside from the larger size, it appears the speaker will retain much of the same in terms of functionality. Basically, that is to say you would be looking at a wireless Bluetooth speaker that in addition to regular audio, can also take and make calls.


The Solemate Max will pair over Bluetooth or NFC, has Dolby Sound and a promised battery life of up to 14 hours. Another perk of the Solemate line is the included 3.5mm cable. This one tucks in on the bottom of the speaker and should come in handy for times when a Bluetooth connection is not possible. The Solemate max will also have the same durable and splash-resistant design found on the regular-sized and mini models.

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