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Lenovo and HTC have been in takeover talks since August, report suggests

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

As HTC comes off their first quarterly loss ever, many wondered if they were prime for a buyout or merger. Though Chairwoman Cher Wang said HTC was moving in the right direction, their continued slide proves troublesome for observers and investors alike.


News out of Taiwan is that HTC has been meeting with Lenovo since August, and those talks center around an acquisition. Much like Lenovo did with the ThinkPad when they purchased the brand from IBM, Lenovo wishes for HTC to keep the brand alive.

If true, it’s a smart strategy for Lenovo, who has a limited worldwide presence when it comes to mobile technology. Nearly absent in the U.S., keeping the HTC brand may prove a wise choice. However, with a downtrending market share, the problems for HTC don’t begin or end with branding.

Terms of the discussions — or any news of a pending deal — were not disclosed, but that’s not surprising. For now, it’s all innuendo and chatter. For one of the worlds largest PC makers, it could prove a good inroad into the mobile market, so long as they can revive the once powerful HTC.

VIA: AndroidBeat

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