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LG Cloud global rollout to continue next month

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, April 26th, 2013 With No Comments »

LG originally announced their cloud storage service just about a year ago. The LG Cloud was initially made available for those in South Korea, Russia and the US on May 1, 2012. Since that time we had known LG was planning to have this service available on a more global basis, however it wasn’t until today when they released the details. In short, the LG Cloud will be available for an additional 40 countries beginning next month.


Therein lies the catch at the moment, while the details of this global rollout are coming direct from LG, they have yet to offer some of the finer points. You know, a specific availability date. Not to mention, all the countries that will be included in that list of 40. With that in mind, so far LG has said the rollout would include parts of Europe, Asia and Central Asia as well as some Latin America regions.

For those not as familiar with exactly what the LG Cloud is, or does, here is a bit of a breakdown. The LG Cloud allows users to stream content directly to your smartphone, tablet or television as well as provide 5GB of cloud-based storage for those files you plan to stream. Basically, the LG Cloud is an online streaming/storage solution with a focus on media

Some of the perks here include the more obvious such as not having to worry about which device that music or video file happens to be on as well as a resume playback feature that means you can stop playing something on one device and have it start at the same place on another device. All said and done, the LG Cloud looks like a service that may be of interest to those using a mix of LG products.

[via LG Newsroom]

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