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LG Confirms Vu 3 With Nifty New Quickview Cover

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 With No Comments »

LG Vu 3

Yet another phablet has been confirmed, but this one wasn’t overly surprising.  LG has outed their new upcoming phablet, the LG Vu 3, on their website.  Like its predecessors, it will feature that strange 4:3 aspect ratio but this time on a 5.2″ display.  The phone is expected to come equipped with same wonderful Snapdragon 800 processor and 13MP camera as the G2.

While the phone itself was not really shown off on the website, an interesting new Quickview like cover for the phablet was shown.  The cover comes in black and silver and it appears to be semi transparent.  This allows icons and animations on the screen to shine through so that you can see when you have a notification.  The animations are pretty cutesy so if you’re hoping to give off some sort of professional appearance, you may not want to use those…

I’m still not sold on the 4:3 aspect ratio but this is their third go at it so there must be somebody out there buying these up.  I will give LG props on their interesting covers though.  The G2 Quick-Window case looks great and this cover is pretty nifty in its own right.

Hit the link below to actually check out the animations for yourself.  What do you guys think?  Cool phone or just cool cover?  Or maybe neither?


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