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LG MWC Teaser Part 3

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

LG MWC Press Invite

At the rate LG is is releasing these teasers, there’s not going to much left to show come MWC.  The latest instalment is a press invitation that was sent out today.  There’s not a whole lot to see in this one other than that large glaring “4″ on the page.

What do you suppose this means?  Well the most obvious speculation is that they will release 4 devices at MWC.  If you then piece it together with previous teasers, these 4 devices will all be part of a new series (and still I’m predicting some sort of new branding).  One last observation I made was that in the teaser video there are four little constellations highlighter by the words “premium”, “speedy”, “stylish”, “creative”.  So perhaps each of those keywords is the headline for each of the 4 phones.  To further speculate, the leaked LG phablet could definitely fit with the “creative” tagline.

All speculation until MWC but we’re only a couple weeks away now.


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