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LG Unveiling A New Series, But What Is It?

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 With No Comments »

LG New Series

If you happened to stop by LG’s Facebook page recently you may have noticed the image above.  LG has teased us all a little bit by informing us that a new series will be unveiled.

There really isn’t anything to go on right now as they have given us no additional hints.  However, many are expecting that this “surprise” will be unveiled at MWC so it likely has to do with the mobile tech industry.  But the question still remains, what is it?  A new tablet perhaps?  LG hasn’t done much in the tablet realm for quite some time so perhaps they’re going to rejoin the race.

Another option is that they could be launching some new Windows 8 phones, another area that they have shied away from a little bit over the past half year or so.  This is very plausible as I anticipate several Windows 8 phones to be unveiled at MWC.

Another option that I see as very plausible, and something that I see could be very beneficial to LG, is a re-branding of their smart phone line up.  Apple, and now Samsung have both made it evidently clear that consistent branding can do wonders for consumer loyalty.  Apple has their “i” products while Samsung has made the “Galaxy” products more or less synonymous with Android.  People will buy products simply because they start with “i” or “Galaxy” because they trust those names.

LG does have the “Optimus” series but not many people actually recognize the name and if they do they likely have some hesitations about it.  A lot of the “Optimus” devices just didn’t pan out as well as LG would have liked them to.  The Optimus G has definitely helped regain some of that shine for the “Optimus” name but even that device seems to be struggling a little bit.  A re-branding could really help LG as they seek to climb back up the mobile tech ladder.

What do you guys think LG will be unveiling?

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