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LG’s Curved Phone Gets Shown Off In Press Renders

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 With No Comments »

LG G Flex - 1

About a week ago Samsung won the race against LG when they announced the world’s first curved display phone, the Samsung Galaxy Round.  While it’s not the futuristic flexible device many of are dreaming of, it’s definitely a step in that direction.

LG has yet to officially announce their phone but some very interesting pictures popped up the other day courtesy of Engadget.  The photos you’re seeing above and below are reportedly of LG’s curved display phone, the LG G Flex.  While the Galaxy Round opts to curve the display from left to right, the LG G Flex curves from top to bottom.  In a lot of ways, this shape makes more sense than the Round as it is akin, design wise, to those old land lines phones we used to use (if you’re not sure what a land line phone is…here’s the wiki page).   However, this could be rather strange to carry around in a pocked as it’ll always be pushing outwards but the device does look quiet thin so maybe it won’t be an issue.

In terms of specs, we really don’t have much at this point.  Engadget stated that one of it’s “sources” claims that the screen will be of the 6 inch variety which would make this quite the hefty device.  However, the curve may  actually help in creating an illusion of smaller phone because you may not have to stretch as far as you would on a flat screen phone.

Although these pictures look pretty legitimate, I give the usual warning of taking things with a grain of salt.  Nothing is ever official until it’s, well, official.  If this device is real though, what are your thoughts?  The G Flex or the Galaxy Round (both terrible names in my opinion)?

LG G Flex - 2


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