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Mad Catz Project “M.O.J.O” console fully revealed at E3

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

I think everyone who had a Playstation 2 when they were younger probably hated being poor teenagers. Being poor teenagers meant one of two things: Not joining your friends for lunch on Wednesday’s at the local Pizza joint, and not being able to afford new gaming stuff when the originals broke. So it was with much despair that we would drag our heels to the nearest game store and pick up a Mad Catz PS2 Controller, in utter shame. Well, Mad Catz has come a long way since then, and at this years E3 expo, they’ve revealed just how far they’ve come.


Still apparently only a prototype (according to Mad Catz themselves) this new Android powered console makes your PS2, and everything associated with it, look obsolete. Packing 16GB of internal storage with expandable microSD storage, Bluetooth 4.0 (which will come when the next version of Android takes flight), HDMI, Wi-Fi, a headphone port, and two USB ports for wired gamepads, it’ll be a heavy hitting machine when it does finally make it into consumer hands, as expected.

Itself utilizing Mad Catz GameSmart platform, introduced at CES, it should prove to be very capable. GameSmart is a range of numerous Bluetooth accessories designed for mobile/home tech, such as PC’s, Tablets, TV’s and mobile phones. M.O.J.O itself is expected to ship with its own controller, the C.T.R.L.R. Bluetooth, with is a fully equipped game controller designed to work with all Android games.

Mad Catz is also looking into using the Nvidia Tegra 4 Processor (again, also revealed at CES), and with that, also be equipped with the Nvidia Shield technology which will allow it to play via a Wi-Fi network via HD streaming. Although details aren’t finalized, if and when the prototype does hit the market, it’s expected to come in at around $99USD.

With the out of production PS2 still sitting on some vendors shelves at $99USD itself, it’ll be up to to the refined gamer within to figure out which one is worth the dough. This time around though, we suspect you’ll be able to pony up the extra coin for a licensed controller should you choose the former.


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