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Man of Steel brings his superhero power to the Play Store

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 14th, 2013 With No Comments »

Last week we learned that along with the new Superman movie, Warner Brothers would also be releasing a game to go alongside the new release for Android. If you aren’t a movie aficionado, Superman: Man of Steel hit theaters today in the USA, or late last night for those hitting the midnight showing. And for you fans, the game did too.



Just as expected. Man of Steel the game has flown onto the Google Play Store as of late last night, and will bring all those superhero powers to our Android devices. We saw the teaser trailer earlier this month, but the game is now available for all those interested, but it will cost you.

As you can see from the video below, as well as the pictures from the Play Store, this looks like another swipe and slash style Infinity Blade title. This means you’ll be swiping on screen, tapping for throwing punches and more in a simple turn-by-turn combat style.

The graphics look fairly decent, as does the gameplay, and it could be worth enjoying over the weekend. The title will loosely follow the movie, so you might not want to play until after you’ve seen the film. Unless you enjoy spoilers. You’ll be able to fight bosses, earn power-ups, and collect 6 different Superman suits along the way.

For more details or to give this new movie-inspired mediocre looking game a try hit the link below. It will run you $4.99 so let us know below if it is any good.

VIA: Play Store

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