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Manual Image And Specs Leaks For Sony’s Camera Attachment

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Saturday, August 17th, 2013 With No Comments »

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As we previously reported, Sony is working on two versions of a lens camera accessory. The accessory fits all the camera’s mechanics into a lens casing that can be then attached to your phone. Photos will be transferred via WiFi and your phone will act as a big viewfinder. Sony is working on two models, the QX10, and QX100.

Today we have a manual image and spec sheet, courtesy of SonyAlphaRumours, confirming what was previously speculated. According to the leak the QX100 has the same sensor as the RX100MII (sold for $600 online), while the QX10 features the same 1/2,3 -inch 18MP CMOS sensor found on a Sony WX150 compact camera (sold for $400 online).

When it comes to its size, the top-tier QX100 is 62,5 x 62,5 x 55,5 (mm) and weighs 179g while the low-cost model QX10 is a more compact 62,4 x 61,8 x 33,3 (mm) and weighs only 105g. Also leaked was a schematic of the lenses, complete with caption that shows the camera features a shutter button along the side, as well as other connections and even a belt hook. You can check the caption for the image on the end of the article.

The camera lens attachment is expected to be announced at Sony’s press event on September 4th alongside the i1 Honami, which we’ve already seen together in some leaked photos. So don’t forget to join us on September 4th and find out all there is to know about the upcoming flagship and lens camera attachment. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Caption for the Manual Image:

1) Power Button
2) Microphone
3) Display Panel
: Indicates that the card is not inserted
: Indicates the remaining battery charge
4) Hook for belt
5) Tripod
6) Ring Control (DSC-QX100)
7) The power / charge / movie
Green: Power on
Orange: running charging
Red: running video
8) Zoom lever
9) shutter button
10) Multifunctional jack
11) RESET button

[Via SonyAlphaRumours]

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