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MOGA Power Series controllers unveiled with Boost for device charging

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 7th, 2013 With No Comments »

MOGA has unveiled their latest game controllers just ahead of E3. These new controllers will be the MOGA Power Series and they will be arriving with a feature called MOGA Boost technology. This is rather simple, the Boost technology will allow you to stop worrying about the battery life of your device during game play. Simply put, MOGA Boost will make sure to keep your device battery charged.


Some hands-on time will be needed in order to make a final decision on how nice the Boost will be, but it does sound intriguing. The folks at PowerA are pushing this as being something never seen before in a mobile game controller. Aside from the Boost technology, the MOGA Power Series will actually be made up of two controllers and both will have support for multiplayer gaming.

Other details include what PowerA is describing as improved ergonomics and improved Bluetooth radios that will allow for “seamless support.” The MOGA Power Series controllers will work with Android devices running 2.3 or later and they now also include support for Windows Phone 8. This controller series has also been redesigned and will now have clickable analog thumbsticks as well as shoulder buttons, a D-pad and an improved form factor.

At present the MOGA controllers have a library of more than 100 MOGA Enhanced and HID compatible games. In addition to using the controller, those playing with the MOGA will need the Pivot app installed on their device. This app is free to download and provides quick and easy access to the MOGA Enhanced Games that are available for download. The Pivot app will also show you which (of your currently installed) games are compatible.

These new MOGA Power Series controllers have yet to be priced, however PowerA has said they will be available in the fall. Otherwise, the full-sized MOGA Pro as well as the original pocket-sized MOGA controllers are still available at various retailers including Amazon. The other models are priced at $49.99 for the MOGA Pro and $39.99 for the MOGA. Finally, those curious about MOGA may benefit from reading our previously published MOGA Pro review.

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