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More Details On The Sony C530X Leak

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 22nd, 2013 With No Comments »

Sony Xperia SP

We first hear about Sony’s new mid-range phone at the end of January.  At that time, we only knew a few things about the phone.  It was supposed to sport a dual core S4 processor and come with a 720p display.  Well it seems that those specs are still holding to be true and some additional specs have surfaced as well.

The upcoming C530X, which is now being called the Xperia SP, will have a 4.6″ display.  It will have aluminum walls, but the back cover will be made of plastic.  The camera will be of the 8MP Exmore RS variety which should ensure some very solid pictures.  In terms of storage, it will hold 8GB internally but their will be that much coveted micro-SD card slot.

While this phone is still a little bit of a mystery, it seems to be a real device and should be making its way to MWC in a few days.  No word on availability at all but I’m sure if they unveil this at MWC they’ll provide that information then.

[Xperia Blog]

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