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More Galaxy S IV Rumours

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

Galaxy S IV

The Galaxy S IV is easily the most anticipated Android device of 2013, and maybe of all time.  We’re all sitting at the edge of our seats waiting to see the new design, the new software, and the new hardware.  We all have our ideas of what it’ll look like and what kind of software it’ll run but we’re all just guessing.

Well some additional reports have surfaced today possibly giving us a glimpse into the next Galaxy.  To begin with, the home button looks like it’s here to stay, at least for the S IV.  Apparently this was a hotly debated issue in the Samsung camp but ultimately they decided to keep their iconic home button.  I think this is probably a good move for the time being.  I think that until Android is more widely known and understood, consistency is very important for flagship devices.

While the home button is in, it seems the S-Pen is out.  This rumour broke quite a while ago that Samsung was considering using the S-Pen for their flagship device.  This was rumour was further fuelled when Samsung decided to purchase a small share in Wacom , the brains behind the S-Pen technology.  However, it looks like the axe has fallen on this possibility.

The last bit of confirming information today is in regards to those touchless gestures we reported earlier this week.  I imagine that some of those pop up features that the S-Pen offers may find their way to the Galaxy S IV via some sort of “floating touch.”  I also imagine that their could be some other hand gestures added in that will be recognized by the front facing camera.

Again, these are all rumours paired with my own speculation so take them as such.  What kind of features would you guys like to see on the S IV?  And it anyone upset about the inclusion of the home button and lack of S-Pen?

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