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Moto X Pricing Unveiled!

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Moto X Press Shot

One of the big mysteries of the upcoming Moto X was the price.  Would it follow the Nexus pricing or would it have a flagship price tag.  Well you can all cheer now as the latest report says that it will follow more in line with the Nexus pricing.  The 16GB variant of the phone will be set at $299 while the 32GB will cost you a little bit more at $349.

Now, these pricing are based on a “report” so they’re not concrete by any means but I’m about 95% sure that these are the prices we’ll be seeing come August 1st.  For us in Canada, we may be looking at $309 for the 16GB and $359 for the 32GB as we’ve always paid just a tad more for Nexus and Nexus-like devices compare to our US neighbours.

These prices likely don’t account for whatever customizations you want to do to the phone either so depending on how much you want to do (and also how much they allow us to do) the price could go up by another $50-$100 dollars perhaps.  Just another week and all questions should be answered.


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