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Motorola DVX rumors suggest budget prices and color options

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Saturday, September 28th, 2013 With No Comments »

While the Moto X has been available for a little while now, the talk of the lower priced alternative remains as rumor. We are referring to the Motorola DVX, though as of this point in time we have yet to hear any mention direct from Motorola. CEO Dennis Woodside did once refer to the Moto X as a brand and spoke about how additional products were coming though.


At present, it is believed that the Motorola DVX will be one such device. The rumors for this handset have been persistent, although a bit widespread. We have seen details of how the DVX is expected to be a device intended for emerging markets and then more recently, some talk about how the handset would be heading to US MVNO Republic Wireless. The interesting part about a Republic Wireless release — they are also going to be offering the Moto X far lower in price than any other carrier.

They have announced the Moto X at an off-contract price of $299. The Moto X will be available with Republic Wireless in November and while we wait for that to arrive, we cannot help but wonder what that would mean in terms of pricing for the Motorola DVX — a handset that is expected to be the lower-priced counterpart. Anyway, while we wait for further confirmation from Motorola or Republic Wireless, we have recently gotten another look at what is believed to be back cover plates for the DVX.

Basically, the image you are seeing above is showing these cover plates in green, pink, black and white. Much of the talk for the Motorola DVX has circled around these color options and low prices. To that point, along with this image leak there was also mention of a possible off-contract price of $200. Time will tell how these rumors play out, but for now it looks like there will soon be a low priced Moto DVX available. And looking back, a leaked Republic Wireless timeline suggested an October release.

VIA: SlashGear

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