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Motorola RAZR Receiving Jelly Bean Update

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, April 19th, 2013 With No Comments »


Good news for all of you who are rocking the Motorola RAZR!  It appears that the Jelly Bean update is now rolling out to devices.  How do I know?  Well my sister has one and she informed me that her phone got some update.  I then proceeded to show her what’s new as it all looked the same to her.

So what is new?  Well the main things are Project Butter which makes the phone super smooth and of course Google Now, which is Google’s way of keeping you on top of all the things you need to do and places you need to go.  Google Now is constantly growing too as it will give you nearby places to eat and even suggest recipes if you search for them enough.  Pretty cool eh?

So if you happen to have one of  these in hand and didn’t receive a message to update, jump into your settings and see if you can grab it!

Also, props to Motorola and Rogers/Fido for getting this out within the time frame they had anticipated!

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