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Motorola Rumoured To Be Working On A Droid Ultra Sequel And Possibly A Phablet!

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 With No Comments »

Motorola Phablet

It’s been a while since Motorola was at the top of the cell phone world but they have definitely made some good strides as of late.  The Moto X and the Droid family on Verizon, while not the best phones on paper, have been receiving solid reviews across the board and have really set themselves apart with the Touchless Controls feature.  Of course things could have been even better had they not given AT&T an exclusive on Moto Maker and given Rogers an exclusive on the Moto X here in Canada….but I digress.

Although the Moto X and the Droids are fairly new to market, rumour has it that Motorola is already hard at work for next years flagship.  The rumour surfaced on Chinese website Weibo from a “trusted source” that provided very accurate details regarding the Moto X in the past.  According to the source, Motorola’s next flagship device will be known as the Motorola Droid Quantum and as you may have guessed from the name, it will be headed to Verizon.  There is a chance that a GSM variant will make its way out later but we can’t be sure at this point.  I figured that a GSM variant of the Droid Ultra, Motorola’s current flagship on Verizon, would come out but we have yet to see anything.  No specs or other details were given at this time but I would imagine that Motorola will up the processing power so that they match up better on paper with the competition.

If that rumour didn’t do anything for you maybe the rest of this rumour will.  In addition to a new flagship device, Motorola is apparently working on their very first phablet as well.  The device will be names the Motorola Xplay and will feature a massive 6.3″ display.  Of course this wouldn’t be the first device of this size as the Galaxy Mega also comes in at 6.3″ and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra beats them both at 6.4″.  If the Xplay follows the super slim almost bezel-less design of the Moto X, Motorola could definitely win some phablet fans.

Of course all of this stuff is unconfirmed at this point but all stories need to start somewhere.  As always, we’ll update you if we hear anything new.


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