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Netflix app update brings an improved Android 4.3 experience

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, August 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

Netflix has recently rolled out the latest app update for Android users. This update is currently available by way of the Google Play Store and despite having a changelog that is on the shorter side — it does seem like it will be an update welcomed by a select group of users. Specifically, an update that is welcomed by those running Android 4.3 or using the app on a Nexus 7.


With that in mind, the changlog talks of fixes and optimizations and the “new Nexus 7 HD.” Those two points are as follows;

  • Fixes and optimization for devices running Android 4.3.
  • On the new Nexus 7 HD, this version requires all Android 4.3 system updates to be installed.

Simply put, the Nexus 7 streaming issues should now be resolved with this update. Alternatively, this should also be a good update for those who had been using that Nexus 7 to stream to a Chromecast. Anyway, aside from this update we are also expecting some other changes in the not to distant future.

A short while back Netflix announced user profile support. This means you will be able to setup individual profiles for different family members. And perhaps more important here — this means those same users should be able to get more accurate recommendations moving forward.

The catch here, while these profiles were announced they were only said to be coming “soon” to the Android app. Needless to say, they are already rolling out on the Netflix website so Android users may want to start getting things setup that way they are ready to roll once this lands on the mobile app.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

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