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New Android SmartWatch can use normal apps

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 With No Comments »

A start-up called Androidly has a SmartWatch presented , which is used not only as an extension of a phone, but ordinary apps from Google Play can use – of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope on Facebook and Google Maps, and Twitter . For $ 229 it can be pre-ordered currently.


With some reason, she applies the Anglo-Indian start-up as well as the smallest Android device in the world: The display measures 2 inches in diagonal and takes 320 by 240 pixels down. The clock operates completely independently : you can make calls, navigate, or take pictures without additional Android smartphone, although the resolution is limited to 2 megapixels. As wireless connections, there is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, only the getting on in years version of Android 2.2 running on the SmartWatch. The device has 256 MB of memory and an SD card slot that is already occupied to the quoted price with an 8 GB card. But 16-gigabyte card will support up too.

In addition to the single version for $ 229 Androidly offers Volume Discounts on: The Partner Pack with two watches costing $ 459, the team pack with four watches dollars 916th A clock incidentally weighs around 160 grams

Existing Smart Watches as the Sony are designed as an extension of a smartphone and inform there incoming calls, emails or status updates. Sony uses a 1.3-inch screen. Even Apple , Google ,Microsoft and Samsung are working on watches. Whether they will act independently or as an extension of a smartphone, is not known.

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