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New ASUS Transformer Device Shows Up At FCC

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Monday, September 30th, 2013 With No Comments »


A new tablet from ASUS has made an appearance in an FCC filling bearing the model number TF502T, which can only mean a new unknown tablet from ASUS is on its way, and it could actually be close to being released.

The TF model number is a hint that this device should belong to the ASUS Transformer family. The device, whatever it may be, will have WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, which are available in almost every tablet (except for NFC). The device will also feature a 6760mAh battery.

Neither the model number, nor the battery life line up with any of the expected devices, announced at IFA 2013. The MeMO Pad 10 for example not only features a 5070 mAh, but should feature an ME model number. The new high-end Transformer Pad, the successor to the Pad Infinity, bares the TF701 model number on ASUS’ website, so it doesn’t match this FCC filling.

Taking everything into account we’re left with the possibility of this device being the Tranformer Book Trio, since it is the only Transformer device we know is coming that could feature these specs and model number.

If like me you were quite impressed with the Transformer Book Trio and its dual boot, dual hardware configuration and transforming capabilities, then this could be great news, as we may be closer to see this device hitting the market.

[Via TalkAndroid]

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