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Nexus 4 Returning To Play Store Soon?

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 With No Comments »

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If you’ve been looking to purchase a Nexus 4 from the Google Play store like me, you have no doubt been getting pretty familiar with its “Sold Out” availability status since early December. The device has been virtually unavailable to those of us who didn’t realize the Nexus 4 would be so hard to buy. Clearly, Google miscalculated big time on the popularity and demand for a high-end phone at a $300 price-tag.

Well, this evening, it would appear Google has changed the availability of the Nexus 4 from “Sold Out” to “Temporarily Out Of Stock.” Now, I know this isn’t the big news you’ve been waiting for, but at least it’s some kind of sign of activity on Google’s part. Clearly, something is going on over there, and I’m going to take this as a sign to visit the Play store at least 2 to 3 times every day for the next little while.

We have reported in the past few days about Videotron and Fido’s respective confirmations that they will be selling the device soon. Fido is accepting reservations for the device, and Videotron is about to start selling theirs on January 30th. We have also speculated that Bell is preparing to sell the device by cutting the off-contract price of the Galaxy Nexus by nearly half.

Along with the news a week ago that LG has been ramping up production on the device to appease consumer demand of the Nexus 4, it’s looking more and more like this phone is coming back pretty soon.

As I’ve made pretty clear, I’m going all in on this phone. Anyone else?


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