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Nexus 5 “press images” suggest Telus will have the device, but we’re not so sure

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 With No Comments »

The crew at Mobile Syrup have released images that they believe to be the Nexus 5 for Telus. While it definitely looks like the Nexus 5 from leaked shots that have been floating around, we’re still not convinced they’re the real deal.


In looking through device images on the Telus website, there really aren’t any that look like these. Most phones feature a face-on view — which we see here — but nothing much beyond that. That makes us wonder why there is a shot of the device in landscape, or a view of the device with the screen turned to the side.

Let’s move onto that picture of the device in portrait, turned slightly to the right. If you look at the “Telus” logo, it’s not even slanted. If that were an actual device with the Telus logo or wallpaper, the logo itself would be turned slightly. It isn’t.


The “Google” folder image and camera icon are new, which lend credence to this image. then again, we have nothing official to go from when considering Android 4.4. These could be very crafty fakes, made by someone who has an idea of what Android 4.4 should look like, or a real leak (which we doubt). To us, the camera icon looks cartoonish, and the folder would make icons hard to decipher on that screen.

While the Telus site has a few pics of phones in landscape, there are none with the Telus logo as seen here. All pictures on the site are basically stock images Telus has tossed some photoshopped shading onto, as you can see with each image having a shadow from the top center. That shadow doesn’t seem to make an appearance on the white portion of the screens, which allegedly have Telus wallpaper.


As we move closer to the launch of the new Nexus device, false pics and renders pop up. We’re simply not convinced these are legit, much less coming to Telus. On the other hand, Mobile Syrup did provide that extended video of the Moto X prior to launch, and that video turned out to be quite real.

In terms of quality, we just can’t call these real. The shading is suspect, and the unslanted logo reeks of a poor photoshop job. Aside from the face-on, there is nothing like this on the Telus website, and we find it hard to think they’d break tradition for the Nexus 5. The wallpaper doesn’t look like one Google would ship stock with a device, either.

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