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Nexus 5 release date, pricing listed on Japanese site

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

Japanese retailer Gekko & Co. may have tipped Google’s cap for them, inadvertently releasing pricing and availability info for the Nexus 5. They note a “booking start time”, which we’ll take as a preorder date, of today. They also note the availability of the device is November 14th, but that may not be for worldwide launch.

Nexus 5

The site also lists specs for the newest Nexus, which fall in line with the previously leaked service manual. Most notably the contested dimensions — which mimic the Nexus 4 — are listed, though the FCC filing had different dimensional specs altogether.

As for price, we are left with a much higher cost than previously reported. At 44,600 and 49,800 yen respectively for the 16 and 32GB models, it’s a bit higher than the $299/399 split we heard previously. The current exchange rate would put those devices at $460 and $513. We should note that devices which make their way to other markets don’t always carry a similar price point to the ones we see stateside.


Happily, we see that the different battery sizes are there, with both 2300 and 3000mAh batteries listed. Where we find fault is in the listing title, which notes the Nexus 5 is a “tentative name”. That leads us to believe Gekko & Co. has either jumped the gun and listed a device based on the leaked service manual, or Google simply hasn’t let their purveyors know what the device will be named.

To our mind, the interesting part is the release date. We’ve heard November, but not quite a specific date for that month. With no official word on an announcement date, we can’t even argue for a solid timeframe for availability.

VIA: G for Games

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