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Nokia Normandy Leaked Again!

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 With No Comments »

Nokia Normandy

Despite the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, the fabled Nokia Normandy (an Android powered smartphone) will not got away.  It has showed up online once again but this time it appears to be a live device rather than a render.  This particular picture as posted on Chinese social network Weibo with the leakster, WPDang, stating that there is no Nokia branding on this device whatsoever.  However, the single button seen on the front of the device is identical to all the pictures we have seen previously (see below).

It also appears that this device may support multiple SIM cards as there appears to be two SIM card logos on left side of the notification bar.  Majority of the display and icons are blurred out but you can definitely tell that this isn’t stock Android.  Previous rumours stated that Nokia was planning a forked version of Android akin to Amazon’s Fire OS found on the Kindle tablets.

Whether or not this device ever sees the light of day still remains a huge mystery but it’s interesting to see nonetheless and continues to offer that slightest glimmer of hope for those looking for a Android powered Nokia device.

Nokia Android Phone

[Weibo / BGR]

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