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Noom Walk Pedometer app launches for Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

Noom Inc has released their latest Android app. This one is called Noom Walk Pedometer and as the name would imply, this app will be counting the steps you take throughout your day. And nicely done, the Noom Walk Pedometer app will be able to do the step counting without the need for any additional hardware. Basically, it looks like there is now an app for those who are intrigued by other hardware pedometers such as the Fitbit.


More to the point, the Noom Walk Pedometer app is available for free and will run on Android 2.3 or later which means there is now little excuse for the average Android user to get into the quantified self movement. Aside from the perk of not having to buy the extra hardware, the Noom Walk Pedometer app touts features such as how it can automatically count all of your steps and that it should use less than 2 percent of your battery.

We haven’t tested the app long enough to speak to that accuracy, however the app does appear to run nicely. Not to mention, it looks good and is easy to setup and use. Additionally, the app also provides a social side which can help with a bit of extra motivation in the form of high-fives and comments from your friends. On the flip side, you can also provide some motivation for others as well.

Screenshot_2013-06-11-10-26-56 Screenshot_2013-06-11-10-26-47 Screenshot_2013-06-11-10-26-36
Screenshot_2013-06-11-10-26-23 Screenshot_2013-06-11-10-25-48

Otherwise, in addition to the Noom Walk Pedometer app, there are also quite a few other apps from this same developer. One of those is the Noom Weight Loss Coach which does integrate with the pedometer app. Noom Inc also has a CardioTrainer and Trainer Pro app as well as a diet tracker app.

All said and done, this looks like a good option for those who are interested in other pedometers but are not able and/or willing to part with the roughly $100 purchase price. Our testing was rather limited, however the steps that we checked with the Nook Walk Pedometer app seemed to match up rather closely to what our Fitbit was saying.

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