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NVIDIA TegraZone passes 6 million downloads

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, November 30th, 2012 With No Comments »

Apparently all of us proud owners of the Nexus 7 love to play some Android games. Back in September we announced that NVIDIA and their popular TegraZone game store had surpassed 5 million downloads, but today they’ve topped that number rather quickly. If you’re a gamer and use Android, you probably have a Tegra-powered smartphone or tablet somewhere. Today NVIDIA has announced that in just two months they’ve reached another milestone.

As of November the NVIDIA TegraZone that brings us tons of quality games and apps for Android has passed 6 million downloads. In just two months alone they’ve added another million to that number. It looks like the number of Tegra powered devices and games is starting to gain some serious traction — although we knew it already had.

Thanks to an extremely budget friendly and popular Nexus 7, the Transformer Prime, and a few quad-core Tegra 3 powered smartphones like the HTC One X NVIDIA’s been having a hayday making excellent THD (Tegra High Definition) games for Android smartphones and tablets. These numbers are a clear indication that we love us some games!

For those looking for more details on NVIDIA’s powered quad-core Tegra 3, or their multiple Tegra games you’ll want to stop by our official Tegra Portal. It’s here you’ll find any and all Android news related to the Tegra platform. Our TegraZone is full of game reviews and hands-on, and you can stay up to date by getting NVIDIA’s own TegraZone Android App. It’s nice to see someone dedicated to quality games in the world of Android, and NVIDIA’s been doing a fine job. Check out some of their recent games from our timeline of links below.

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