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On Average Who Uses More Data; Android or iOS Users?

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Saturday, December 15th, 2012 With No Comments »


We’ve heard it all, iOS uses more data, Android uses more data. But which platform really uses more? It’s kinda hard to tell. Mostly due to different users using their devices in different ways. Similar to the whole battery life thing. But numbers don’t lie. You might also remember that both Verizon and AT&T got rid of their unlimited data after they got the iPhone and it became popular on their network. But let’s check out some numbers and see.


So on every network, except T-Mobile, iPhone users on average use more data. Now the reason why T-Mobile is so low, is because there aren’t a ton of iPhone users on T-Mobile compared to Android since you have to buy an unlocked iPhone and put it on T-Mobile. Although in October 2012, Android topped iPhone in data usage. Now this is kinda of surprising that the two networks with unlimited data, also have the smallest average for data usage in September for iPhone users.

So what about that drop in Sprint’s data usage averages? Going from 1.38GB in May 2012 to .68GB in October. That’s quite a drop, especially considering they have unlimited data. Well the reason is probably mostly due to the slow network Sprint has right now. More and more people are staying on their Wi-Fi than using Sprint’s network. While Sprint is working on their LTE network, and it is rolling out slowly, it’s not available for most users that have a LTE device on Sprint.


Now look at Verizon’s numbers. Going from almost a full gigabyte to half of a gig in just 7 months. That is probably due to the shared plans Verizon is forcing on everyone. And the fact that their data is not cheap. More and more people are staying on Wi-Fi due to Verizon’s prices which I can’t blame them. But there is still a fair share of people on unlimited data on Verizon. So I’m kinda shocked to see the number so low as of October 2012.

So how much data do you use per month? For me, on Sprint I’d use around 5-8GB per month. But on T-Mobile I use 20GB or more per month. So let us know in the comments how much data you use on average per month, we’re interested.

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