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OUYA preps further European expansion

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 With No Comments »

OUYA has recently announced plans to bring the game console to additional markets across Europe. The goal is for the console to begin arriving later this month. According to Gamasutra, this expansion will include a mix of Western and Eastern Europe, though as of now we have yet to see details on each and every market.


Distribution in Eastern Europe will be handled by Action and P.A., while distribution in Western Europe will be provided by Flashpoint and Digital Brothers. There hasn’t been many specifics in terms of Eastern Europe just yet. Basically, we have yet to see any specific stores or countries named.

As for Western Europe, that list is pretty wide open. OUYA availability will be coming to the following countries; Austria, Benelux, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Scandanavia, Spain and Switzerland. Basically, that is to say those in Western Europe should be covered. While we have the basics, we expect more details from OUYA as they get firmed up.

Otherwise, aside from this latest expansion news, there has been plenty of OUYA related chatter recently. The company updated the firmware back in September and that brought improvements in terms of game discovery and also promised that external storage support was something planned for the future. Sadly though, the OUYA team has yet to reveal a solid timeline as to when that can be expected to arrive.

There was also a bit of backlash from the “Free the Games” program which prompted some changes in the rules. OUYA detailed these in September, however despite making some adjustments, they made it pretty clear they will be “sticking with it.” For more OUYA related news, including our hands-on review, make sure you dive into the Story Timeline below.

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