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Play Music and All Access comes to Mexico while Canada waits patiently

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

Good news south of the border, as Google Play Music and All Access has arrived in Mexico. After a larger rollout in Europe recently, Google has seen fit to bring their popular streaming service to our neighbors just below California. The announcement was initially made from the Google Mexico Google+ account.


Mexican music fans will enjoy the same benefits as anyone else, with a full 30-day free trial for All Access, and a discounted rate thereafter. Users must sign up for the trial by November 11, and can enjoy a monthly fee of MX$79 if they stay with All Access. If they sign up after the November deadline, or have an interruption in service, the price will jump to MX$99.

All Access was created to help create a revenue stream for Google, as well as entice users away from other platforms like Pandora or Spotify. While the catalog for Play Music is sometimes limited in comparison, the pricing is right.

The same 20,000 song upload limit is in effect for Mexico as well. The service is available now, and music fans in Mexico can simply go to the Play Store via desktop or mobile. Oddly, while much of the world is getting or has Play Music and All Access, Canada still goes wanting.

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