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PSA: You must enable pinch-to-zoom in the new Gmail

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 With No Comments »

Today about 4 years late Google has finally updated their popular Gmail application with one of the most requested features ever. That feature being auto-fit to pages and pinch-to-zoom. Something that should have been available on the Nexus One and beyond. Sadly it has taken ol Google a few too many years to release this update, but now that it’s here you’ll want to enable the feature.

For some unknown reason this epic and badly needed feature for Gmail isn’t actually enabled by default either. This means the millions and millions of users that see an update will probably not even see “what’s new” and instead just update Gmail and continue with their day. We’re here to tell you all this new feature is available now, just make sure you enable it first!

The new Gmail for Android 4.0 ICS and above devices is available right now and it offers pinch-to-zoom, auto-fit to screen, swipe to delete (or archive) emails and much much more. Sadly these options need to be enabled so quickly head into settings and give it a check. This has probably been my biggest complaint about Gmail, and now it’s available so here’s how to enable it inside the app.

Gmail > Menu > Settings > General Settings > Auto-fit messages

Make sure that is selected in the Gmail application and you’re good to go. Then while you’re in settings make sure you click on “swiping conversation list” and select if you want swipes to delete emails, or archive them instead. Pretty snazzy new features right? About time Google. Thank you! Another quick reminder is you can pinch-to-zoom to your desired level, then double tap to get the text to auto-fit or reflow the text, since it doesn’t do it for you. Enjoy the new Gmail folks!

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