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Rdio launches free radio stations for the US, Canada and Australia

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Rdio has announced their latest feature that will be available for users in the US, Canada and Australia — radio stations. This option will be available for those users beginning on Thursday. The good news here, these stations, which appear to be opening up as potential competition for Pandora and iTunes Radio, will be available for free. And on top of that, these stations will be advertising free.


The folks at Rdio have said these stations will be pulling tracks from their library of more than 20 million songs. Users will be able to stream these stations using the Rdio Android app (available from the Play Store) and will be able to choose from 10 different station types. The stations are built based on an artist or song as well as over 400 different genres.

In addition, users will have the option to build a station from You FM, which is described as being a “personalized station based on your listening habits.” Regardless though, whichever option you choose to build your station — the end result will be the same — free streaming based on your preferences.

Otherwise, aside from the free radio stations, Rdio also has a few new mobile features rolling out. These include Station Sharing and Playlist and Album Stations. Along with the free radio stations, Rdio still has the $10 per month plan available which allows users to pick and choose exactly which songs or albums they want to hear.


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