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RealPlayer Cloud announced, lets you access your video anywhere

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 With No Comments »

Even with the almost omnipresent of mobile devices with decent cameras, sharing and showing your shots anywhere and everywhere is still not as easy as it should be, especially when videos are concerned. RealPlayer, a popular name in digital media circles, thinks it has the solution with its RealPlayer Cloud service and accompanying mobile and web apps.


Like any cloud service, the premise behind RealPlayer Cloud is simple: store all your videos on the cloud. From there, users will be able to access and share their videos with anyone and with any supported device. Users can do the usual streaming of videos but can also opt to download the video instead. There is no time or size limit to video access and RealPlayer automatically transforms the video into a format conducive for high-quality streaming.

Together with the cloud service, RealPlayer is also releasing companion apps that will enable users to access RealPlayer Cloud from a variety of devices. Supported devices include any Android or iOS device, Windows PCs, and even TVs via Roku Players. But users don’t need an app just to be able to watch a video as RealPlayer Cloud also supports streaming to a web browser. RealPlayer lists all the features of RealPlayer Cloud in the promotional video below.

RealPlayer Cloud is now available in the US and subscribers in the US and Canada will get 2 GB for cloud storage for free, with additional storage options starting at $4.99 a month. The apps and the service will also be rolling out to other devices and territories in a few months.

SOURCE: RealPlayer

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