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Rogers And Wind Announce New Pricing Plans

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 With No Comments »

Seeing how there are more Rogers users out there than Wind users, I’ll start with the Rogers info first. It looks as though those of us on Rogers are going to see a $5 increase in plans as of tomorrow, but thankfully, this $5 increase will include voice mail and call display, something I’m sure we’re already paying at least $5 for anyway. It’s nice to see carriers finally seeing these features as essential rather than offering them as extra add-ons.

Here is the best we can do at the moment in terms of what we should expect to see:


Click to see full size

Perhaps these plans are in response to what Wind did with their offerings today.  The company now has one unlimited talk and text plan as well as two unlimited everything plans. Included in each plan are caller ID, conference calling, call forwarding and call waiting. If you need voice mail, it’s going to cost you an extra $8 a month.  Here are the details of the three plans:

WIND 20: Unlimited Talk + Text for $20, with $100 WINDtab subsidy.

WIND 30: Unlimited Data, Talk + Text for $30, with $200 WINDtab subsidy.

WIND 40: International, Unlimited Data, Talk + Text, with $300 WINDtab subsidy.

So, it would seem for what I’m paying $70 a month on Rogers, I could be paying $38 for on Rogers. Can somebody remind me again why us Android users aren’t flocking to sign up with Wind?


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