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Rogers Launches Smartphone Price Match Program

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, April 25th, 2013 With No Comments »


Earlier this week Rogers announced a new Price Match program in which they guarantee the lowest price for any new smartphone upgrade. Essentially if you are looking to get into a new device and see a lower advertised price at another retailer or carrier they will match it. This includes Radio, TV, print or online ads assuming it is the same device on the same term.

As per the release Rogers will match the following carriers and retailers:

  • National Carriers: Bell, TELUS, Koodo, WIND, Mobilicity, Virgin
  • National retailers: Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart Canada, Target

And as for the fine print:

  • It is available to existing Rogers customers only (excludes corporate) set to do a 2 or 3 year term upgrade.
  • The advertised offer must be a national ad campaign (local dealer pricing and regional retailer pricing not eligible for match).
  • Price Match will not apply to competitors plans.

So if you are up for scouring the internet for device prices and then calling in to Rogers customer service or travelling to any Rogers store you can get the same price as any other retailer. The advantages being dealing with Rogers directly which with any carrier is not always an advantage but at least when they screw up they can’t pass the blame on to whatever retailer you went to, and by being able to call in you don’t have to necessarily travel in order to get the best price.

Customers can take advantage of the price match policy by calling into customer service(1-800-518-2788 and quote ‘MatchMyPrice’ or by visiting any Rogers owned retailer.

Anyone have the over/under on how long before the other carriers launch a similar policy?

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