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Rovio Account game-syncing arrives for all Android users

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, July 19th, 2013 With No Comments »

Rovio originally announced the accounts setup back in May. This was dubbed the Rovio Account and just as the name would imply, this would let users create accounts. The more important aspect is how that account can then be used to sync your game data across multiple devices. Basically, this meant you would be able to switch from one device to another and pick up in the same spot where you left off.


Anyway, Rovio announced and began rolling out support for the Account in May, however that rollout process was slow and gradual. The good news has arrived this morning and the Rovio Account option is now available for all Android users on a global basis. Bottom line, regardless of location users can now move forward and create their personal account.


While the Account option is now available for all, there is another catch we should mention. The game support is still somewhat limited. For now Rovio has this setup available for the original Angry Birds release and for The Croods. Additional game support is coming, however a timeline has yet to be given.

Rovio has simply said the “next step is for us to roll this out onto other Angry Birds and non Angry Birds titles, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Aside from a timeline, there is also the question of which games will get priority when the Account support continues. There are plenty of titles available including numerous Angry Birds spinoffs.

Of course, we cannot help but hope that this is all set and in place by the time Angry Birds Star Wars II arrives in September. It would also be nice to see Rovio Account support come to the games released under the Stars program — such as the recent Tiny Thief.


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