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Rumour: Galaxy Note III To Come With 5.99″ Display, Octo-Core, And 3GB RAM

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Monday, April 29th, 2013 With No Comments »


Now this is my favourite kind of rumour, a Galaxy Note III rumour.  The rumour surfaced over the weekend and point out some of the key specs for the upcoming Galaxy Note III.  We already kind of knew that it would come with the Octo-Core chip (this was some what confirmed by a Samsung rep back at one of the events) but the news about the 5.99″ screen size and 3GB of RAM are new rumours to us.

Now with these specs, the Galaxy Note III will undoubtedly be one the most powerful, if not the most powerful, devices of 2013.  These are rumours, so take them with that proverbial grain of salt but they’re not absurd specs by any means and seem very plausible to me.  I definitely see the next Note going a bit bigger than the Note II so a 5.99″ display seems legit and as long as they don’t increase the footprint any more than the Note II I’m 100% on board.  The 3GB of RAM also doesn’t seem absurd at all.  This will be something that will continually go larger so an extra GB is no surprise.

Other rumours state that Samsung is working on 3 different design currently for the Note III, one mimicking the SIV, one being completely different, and one utilizing their new flexible screen technology.  An announcement is expected sometime in June which means the release will likely come in the fall.

This is probably the phone I’m most excited about (although I’m pretty stoked about that new Motorola phone too) so I’ll be keeping an extra close eye on all rumours and news that pertain to this guy.

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