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Rumour: HTC M7 Launching March 8 – Comes In Black And White

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 With No Comments »

Just a couple of days ago we got confirmation that HTC would be hosting an event on February 19 in both New York and London.  We’re all pretty certain at this point that they will announce the constantly leaked HTC M7.  While almost everything about the phone is already known, one question mark is the release date.  We’ll know for sure on the 19th but today a release date for the phone surfaced.

According to HTC Source, the HTC M7 will be going on sale as early as March 8.  They note that this is likely the Europe and Asia release date with the North American date likely coming some time after that (we always get things late here it seems).  They also note that this rumour coincides well with another report that HTC had secured the materials and components in Q1 to produce 4-5 million devices.

One final bit of this rumour is that the device is going to be coming in black and white/silver.  We’ve already seen the black one surface several times while the white/silver one is a complete mystery at this point.  What kind of two tone affect will they achieve with a white/silver phone?

I have to say I’m pretty excited for February 18th as I’m anxious to see what HTC has pulled together this year.

[HTC Source]

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