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Rumour: Sony Xperia Z Next In Line To Get The Nexus Experience Treatment

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The new “Google Edition” or “Nexus Experience” initiative is definitely one of the most interesting developments over the past couple of weeks.  In case you’ve been living under a rock for last while and don’t know what we’re talking…both Samsung and HTC have teamed up with Google to offer a skinless version of their flagship devices.  What does that mean?  Well it means you will soon be able to purchase either a Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One directly through Google and your phone will come with stock Android and your phone will get updates directly through Google.

Well according to the latest rumours another manufacturer may be jumping on board of the new initiative.  According to a “Sony insider,” the company is currently working with Google to release their very own Nexus Experience device, which will come in the form of a de-skinned Xperia Z.  Just like the HTC One and S4, this phone will be identical to the original minus Sony’s own customized UI.

While this is a rumour, I fully see this becoming a reality.  Over the past couple of years Sony has been working quite closely with developer in helping them bring AOSP ROMS to the public.  Sony itself has already released an early beta version of an AOSP ROM for the Xperia Z but it still has quite a few bugs.  So if they team up with Google, Google can simply help them iron out the kinks and get yet another Nexus Experience device on the market.

In terms of a release date, the “insider” said it should be announced some time in July and will be priced at $599 on the Play Store.  I’m definitely stoked to see another manufacturer possibly jumping in on this new initiative but I also feel like the Xperia Z will be overlooked as its hardware isn’t quite at the same level as its counterparts.  Hopefully their next phone will get the same treatment and will match up spec for spec with the competition.

Going forward it’ll be interesting to see which other manufacturers give their devices the Nexus Experience treatment.  LG seems like a likely candidate and now that Google is a little more involved over at Motorola, we can expect a fairly Nexus like phone out of the gate from them.  Tablet makers like Asus and Acer could also eventually join the party too.

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