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S Pen Not Going Anywhere, Samsung Purchases 5% of Wacom

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 With No Comments »

The S-Pen is one of the most intriguing features about Samsung’s Galaxy Note products.  While it may just look like another stylus, it’s so much more than anything else on the market.  Rather than just mimicing a finger, like most stylus, it uses a completely different technology.  These pens are pressure sensitive, super accurate and, with some artistic skills, can be used to create some amazing pieces of digital art.

Some are still sceptical about the S Pen or even find it unnecessary, but Samsung definitely believes in the S Pen as they have bought a 5% stake in Wacom, the company behind this awesome little tool.  Samsung spent $58.2 Million to purchase this 5% stake, which for a company like Samsung is more or less chump change (oh how we all wish we could say that).  Despite the seemingly small purchase, this does tell us that Samsung isn’t abandoning this any time in the near future.  In fact, there have been rumours circulating for a while that the upcoming Galaxy S IV could actually house one of these pens.


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