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Samsung Evolution Kit

Posted In HOW TO DO!, News, Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Saturday, December 21st, 2013 With No Comments »


The South Korean company Samsung launched last year a number of TVs that announced asas upgradeable in the future and this year sees the light Evolution Kit, the first accessory to update the range of TVs last year, 2012, with the features and hardware SmartTVs equivalent to the company’s 2013 process.

Evolution Kit Samsung promises to deliver an experience of similar use to that obtained with the family this year SmartTVs both aesthetic appearance of menus as well as features that require more processing power than last year and were unthinkable as control natural or ask TV, also via voice, we are content to recommend particular actors.

An accessory to update last year’s TV

The Samsung Evolution is an accessory kit that uses a proprietary connection is at the rear of SmartTVs Samsung 2012 (Series 7, 8 and 9) . This kit also comes along with a control premium that works via Bluetooth and also to enjoy a touch area for easy control of TV brings new functionalities.


This product aims to respond to the rapidly changing technology market and, not surprisingly, if last year’s TVs mounted dual-core processors, and this year the ride SoCs twice as powerful, more memory and make use of applications or more advanced features. Companies update the software of the TVs but improvements beyond aesthetics are difficult to achieve with the hardware that integrate SmartTVs last year.

Evolution Kit comes as an upgrade hardware for your TV so who expands like a PC , change theCPU increases the RAM and hard disk. Actually it is a plate that makes a bypass to the original plate and the TV becomes the brain as a Quad-Core SoC and memory for installing applications.

This kit gets renew the internal hardware of our TV to the extent possible, that is, the panel of the TV that you purchase as well as their technical characteristics, refresh rate, contrast or brightness can not be changed, but you can get navigation from the TV run more smoothly or to install more applications.

With Evolution Kit not only receive an update on the interface of SmartTVs 2012 with organized system of 5 panels Samsung SmartTV 2013 generation but you also get features of this generation as is, for example, the gestural support two hands or natural voice recognition , not only of preset commands from the remote control premium included in the kit.

Until four years updating the TV

He says Paul Requejo, Product Manager of Samsung TVs in Spain, which the company promises of future compatibility Evolution Kit for four years from 2012 onwards TVs.

This means that if you have a SmartTV 2012 and Samsung just throwing a Evolution kit year after year, you may purchase the latest Evolution Kit in 2016 and have your TV a day, without having to make another major investment in a SmartTV. But here we have to stop along the way to ask what brings us into a 2012 TV this accessory.


Is one SmartTV dated 2012? Improvements in the interface of the Samsung SmartTVs 2013 arrival are clear and natural gesture control is an extra voice to consider. But perhaps we see this system to update a SmartTV when really the feeling that is out of date, perhaps two years on, we’ll see where itself a substantial jump in performance and features.

One of the main advantages we see for the future is the updates for new codecs and improvements in streaming content.

It’s a smart solution and to a price of 299 euros does not seem unreasonable since it is focused on TVs with an original price of about 1,500 euros, according inches. Although we understand that cost is an interesting for a year for the next investment, we do think that in the future this solution will provide enough value to Samsung SmartTV as you say, for a fraction of the cost of a TV generation, will have most of its features and functionality.

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