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Samsung Galaxy Round tipped as publicly available prototype

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

Following rumors of a Samsung Galaxy device with curved display, there was an official announcement for the Galaxy Round. The handset has what Samsung refers to as a ‘roll effect’ which basically means the handset can be tilted to the side. The unique aspect here, instead of simply rolling back and forth, when you roll the handset the display will activate. But while this sounds like a neat feature, it may be one not seen by many.


Aside from availability being limited to South Korea, even in that market the handset may not be widely available. Details have yet to be confirmed by Samsung, however an insider report from the folks at SamMobile are suggesting the Galaxy Round is nothing more than a publicly available prototype device with intent to test the flexible display technology.

While an interesting take, this would not be the first time we have seen such a move. In the past Samsung offered handsets such as the Galaxy S II HD LTE (SHV-E120S) and SCH-W850 to test HD AMOLED and AMOLED display technology. Both of those handsets are also said to have been released in limited quantities and in a manner similar to the Galaxy Round.

Otherwise, while the hardware of the Galaxy Round has been compared to that of the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung does have some interesting features — including some designed for using the phone one-handed. There is also the Bounce UX which allows users to control music by moving the phone and Gravity Effect which allows for “visual interaction” with the screen.

Finally, to get a look at the Roll Effect in action, make sure to hit play on the video sitting below.

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