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Samsung GALAXY S 4 wireless charger will run you $90

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 With No Comments »

When Samsung announced their flagship GALAXY S 4 up on stage in New York City they quickly mentioned wireless charging. Many of us have and are enjoying their new smartphone, but until today that Wireless Charging dock and replacement battery covers weren’t available. Starting today you can now get wireless, but it’ll cost you about $90 bucks.


We’re all for wireless charging on smartphones. Nokia Lumia phones do it. HTC’s DROID DNA has wireless charging out of the box, but sadly the GALAXY S 4 doesn’t. Instead they’d like you to buy an additional replacement battery door for $39 instead. One that will make the device slightly thicker and enable wireless QI charging.

Starting today Samsung is selling both their replacement battery doors, and the required Samsung Wireless Charging Pad in their official online store. Sadly the replacement battery covers are $39 and the Pad is $49. Pretty expensive to get up and running. If you’ve already got a Qi-certified charger however, just grabbing a new battery door should do just fine.

However for those needing to get both products now to get fully wireless, we have the links below. It’s worth noting that the Charging Pad is Qi-certified so it will also work with future devices or any other devices you may own that feature wireless charging. That should help with the $49 price tag. For those interesting in either of these new options hit the links below.

SOURCE: Samsung battery cover, Charging Pad

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