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Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Support 2600Mhz LTE In Canada

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It appears that the Canadian versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will not only support LTE on AWS (1700/2100Mhz) but also on the incredibly fast 2600Mhz spectrum. Initially it was reported that Rogers would be the only one to carry this version of the GS4, but it appears now that Bell and TELUS will be selling it as well.

Rogers has been pushing its 2600Mhz network more aggressively than the others with the launches of the LG Optimus G and the Blackberry Q10. It has the capability of speeds up to 100Mbps and should take some of the traffic the AWS network sees. The Galaxy S4 will also be able to switch between AWS and 2600Mhz based upon network conditions, which the LG Optimus G and BB Q10 cannot do. This should help improve functionality as well as battery life on the GS4 as low LTE signal is a major cause of battery drain.

It should be noted that it is unclear to what extent Bell and TELUS customers will be able to experience 2600Mhz LTE but Rogers customers should be able to take advantage of the spectrum wherever they have coverage.

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