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Samsung May Be Looking To Ditch The Plastic Build

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 With No Comments »


Samsung is undoubtedly leading the Android charge with it’s super popular Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones.  Despite the popularity of these devices there has consistently been one single complaint about the phones, the build quality.  The masses are not a fan of the plastic build that Samsung has been opting to use and as companies such as Sony, LG, and HTC up the ante with glass and aluminum phones, Samsung’s phone have become increasingly scrutinized.

In the past Samsung has defended the plastic for its light weight and durability but according to the latest rumour they may be finally changing their tune a bit.  According to some employees within Samsung, there was some consideration to using metal rather than plastic in the Galaxy S IV.  However, they opted for the latter in order to avoid delays in manufacturing the phone.  And with all the increased competition this year, delays may have greatly hurt Samsung.

While that news is definitely disappointing for many potential S IV buyers, Galaxy Note III buyers may be in for a treat.  According to the same “sources,” Samsung is looking to get rid of the plastic body on the Galaxy Note III.  They don’t say what material they’ll be moving to but it seems that we can expect some sort of redesign with the Galaxy Note III and next year’s Galaxy S V if this all plays out.

What would you guys like to see for build material on the next batch of Samsung phones?

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