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Samsung names Wolfson as primary audio partner for Galaxy devices

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 With No Comments »

Samsung appears to have made a more formal commitment with Wolfson Microelectronics. In fact, they have recently named Wolfson as a primary audio partner. This move will touch on upcoming Galaxy branded devices to include both smartphones and tablets. The more formal part of this agreement comes in because this is not the first time Samsung has used Wolfson technology in a Galaxy device.


Previous handsets with Wolfson technology included the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Note 10.1. This agreement was described as being multi-year which really just goes to show that we will be seeing more as we move forward. And for those curious, yes, this does include the GALAXY S 4. This should be good news for potential Samsung users, but Wolfson seems just as happy.

Mike Hickey, who is the CEO of Wolfson has described this as being a “significant milestone” for the company. Further talk from Hickey reveals this agreement to be what he refers to as a testament to their “strong IP portfolio” and growing partnership with Samsung. Hickey then closed by saying how they “very much look forward to working closely together to continue to deliver exceptional audio in Samsung’s smartphones and tablets.”

Bottom line here, while this sounds like good news, we do have to caution over the use of the word primary. Simply put, while Samsung will be using Wolfson moving forward, there wasn’t much said that would lead us to believe that Wolfson will be the exclusive audio partner. That though, would be nice.

[via phoneArena]

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