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“Samsung School” Launches In BC Handing 31 Galaxy Note 10.1′s To Students

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, April 5th, 2013 With No Comments »

When I was in school we were lucky to have a pretty decent computer lab stocked with a bunch of those tiny old school Macs.  They weren’t necessarily the most capable devices but they worked well enough to play some good ol’ Number Munchers and All The Right Type!  It’s amazing to see how far things have come since I was in school.  Nowadays, many classrooms are run digitally and laptops and tablets are becoming more and more commonplace.

Well Samsung has decided they want in and believe they have a great product to pair education and technology with their Galaxy Note 10.1.  Samsung Canada has launched a pilot program with Riverside Secondary School in Port Coquitlum, BC where a grade 11 physics class  has gone completely digital with 31 Galaxy Note 10.1s, a 65″ digital e-Board and some helpful Samsung Software.

So far things seem to be going well as teachers, students, and parents are all praising the technological transformation.  As a Galaxy Note 10.1 user I can definitely see how this tablet could enhance the classroom experience.  In my opinion, the combination of the S-Pen and Samsung’s software makes this tablet the most productivity driven tablet on the market.  Pair it with a nice Bluetooth keyboard and you really have a great productive device.

If this pilot takes off I can definitely see more and more of Samsung’s Note 10.1s ending up in classes across the country.  I sure wish I had something like that growing up!


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