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Samsung SM-W2014 flip phone tipped to launch in China

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 With No Comments »

It seems that Samsung is really holding on to its throwback design as the company is reported to once again have a flip phone model in the works. The SM-W2014 is rumored to launch soon in China after having passed Chinese Industry and Information Technology authentication at the end of September.


Samsung and China are no strangers to flip phones as the company has launched several such models in the past. Indeed just last August, Samsung unleashed its SCH-W789, codenamed Hennessy, on the Chinese market. Although that smartphone did have dual SIM support, a feature popular in that region, it only sported mid-range specs such as a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and two 3.3-inch 320×480 screens, a few notches down from the higher-end Samsung SHV-E400 Galaxy Golden which the company released in Korea just shortly after the Hennessy.

Now it seems that Samsung will be making a repeat performance, this time in the Chinese market, preparing a flip phone that very closely resembles the Galaxy Golden. The SM-W2014, which at the moment doesn’t have an easier sounding name, sports a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, most likely a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, and 2 GB of RAM. It will also have dual AMOLED displays, both measuring 3.67 inches with resolutions of 480×800 pixels. It is rumored to have a 13 megapixel rear camera with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor as well as a 2 megapixel front-facing camera.

Unlike the Galaxy Golden, this smartphone will be running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean out of the box. But like the Galaxy Golden, the SM-W2014 is said to be available in only one color option: gold. There is no availability date or pricing details available yet, but the smartphone is tipped to be bound for carrier China Telecom.

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